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Alice Connors is 21 and looks a lot like Katelyn Tarver. She works as a lifeguard and is based on Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

m e e t  c h a r a c t e r 

Young Alice grew up in London, England were she lived the life anyone would of killed for. She saw the most extraordinary things and she had loving parents. Her father was in business and her mother was a stay at home mother home schooling the young blonde due to adhd being a problem. Alice had a curiosity of it’s own. She wandered off every so often during learning and reading. At the age of 9 she got lost following a white rabbit that she could of sworn was waiting for her and guarding her in the direction of the woods that was behind her house. She wasn’t aloud to go farther, but she broke the rules and continued on running after the white rabbit. She stayed lost for over a week not knowing her way back. Alice soon lost it. Alone and delusional. 

Doctors pronounced her mad once she showed up back at her house 2 weeks after her disappearance with cops surrounding the premise. Alice took pills to control her adhd and schizophrenia soon after she showed up. Ever since then she’s been fine. Different Alice, but fine. Wandering off was still an issue but she was never lost again because she had grown up. Her only fear is to be judged or to even be looked at in disgust at what she had. A psychotic disease that she had under control and couldn’t help but having. That was her only fear.

Alice talked a lot. She always had something to say about something and she made friends with whoever she pleased…when she could of course. She was still homeschooled and she didn’t get out much, or at all after what happened. She never had a problem with making a pal along her paths when she could. Once she turned 18 and was free bound she headed towards the United States. Her parents weren’t bothered by the decision— well at least Alice didn’t see it that way. She saw that they didn’t care about her anymore now that she had grown up. The day she came out the woods and saw her parents they weren’t in tears, they were disappointed. The worst look you could get from a parent that knew they taught you better. It was wasn’t a grocery store where you could just stroll on up to the front when you’re like, ‘ay, i’m ready to end the adventure.’ or ‘i’m hungry, where’s mom?’. No. It was the woods where you could hear guns fear and animals howl when they’re searching for their prey. She couldn’t say sorry though. She felt alive for once when if she was 9. She remembered. She feared nothing now except facing the truth that she wasn’t okay. Not even climbing the biggest mountain, nor walking through the haunted houses they set up during Halloween scared her. But that didn’t take the fun out of her. Everything she needed was just up her sleeve. 

The girl didn’t know what to do with her life. Yet. There was so much to do, but such little time to do everything. She decided to become a lifeguard because why the hell not? Saving lives can be cool and she could do what she pleased when nothing was going on. She got the thrill of saving, but always wanted to know the feeling of being saved herself for once. She didn’t know how that felt, neither did she know what love felt like. She never felt it being lonesome back in England. She hoped to feel something, even just a little spark, here at least.


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Echo by Jason Walker

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